Fire Monitoring

Our Command Centre provides around-the-clock Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring. Don't Delay. Contact Radius today.

who's watching
your back?

Many fire protection companies claim they have 24-hour fire monitoring. But that claim is misleading. Radius is the only company in Greater Vancouver to own and operate a ULC-certified monitoring station. That means we don't rely on a third-party monitoring company located elsewhere in North America. And you know who has your back.


Inspections & Monitoring

Most of our customers see the benefits in using one company for their fire protection and monitoring needs

Fire Alarm Monitoring

If there is a fire in your building, every second of delay means more property damage and safety risk.

Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinklers save lives and protect property from the ravages of fire. That is why they are should be carefully monitored.

Your wish is our Command Centre.

Do you wish fire protection was less stressful and more straightforward? That's where our Command Centre comes in. It's staffed 24 hours a day by our Certified Command Centre Operators. So you can relax knowing you've done everything possible to protect your people and property from fire.



We put the 'Tech' in fire protection


Did you know Radius is the only fire protection company in B.C. authorized to train Fire Technicians? And the only one with a training program approved by ASTT B.C.? That means you can be sure your Radius Fire Tech is among the industry's best-trained and most knowledgeable.

Harpreet Khakh,
Senior Fire Technician

Inspections & Monitoring

Your fire protection system is more effective if it is monitored. If your fire alarm is tripped, how quickly does the fire department know about it? If your sprinkler system is leaking, how quickly do you know about it?

Radius Fire is the only fire protection company in Canada to own and operate a local 24 hour Command Centre. We do not rely on third-party remote monitoring stations. Certified by Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada, our Command Center complies with the most demanding industry standards.

Our station operators are ready 24/7 to respond to a fire or sprinkler alarm. We immediately notify the local fire department of the threat of a fire. Without a monitoring service, your only hope is if someone calls 9-1-1. We protect what matters most to you by delivering unmatched service, each and every day. You would never cut corners and compromise life safety. Neither would we.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

The B.C. Building Code (section and local municipal bylaws require fire alarm monitoring in buildings that:

  • Are designated as assembly with an occupant load over 300.
  • Have an automatic sprinkler system, or ...
  • Have a two-stage fire alarm system

Have an automatic sprinkler system or a two-stage fire alarm system? The City of North Vancouver’s Bylaw 8090 requires multi-unit residential buildings to have compliant fire alarm systems installed, including fire monitoring by a ULC-certified monitoring station.

If there is a fire in your building, a quick response from the fire department is essential. Every second of delay means more property damage and safety risk. When a Radius Fire alarm device is tripped, the monitoring panel instantly send a signal to our ULC Command Center and our operators immediately notify the fire department first, and then we call you to confirm.

Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinklers save lives and protect property from the ravages of fire.  That’s why they are required in commercial and mid-rise residential buildings. Fire departments are increasingly requiring and at minimum recommending the for all buildings. Having the system is not enough, having them monitored is essential for quick response for the safety of  people and the property.

What’s more, what if your sprinkler system leaks or malfunctions?  If you do not stop the flow, the water damage can be extremely costly. Let us monitor you sprinkler system so you can be confident that our Command Centre is guarding your property 24 hours a day. Even when your building is vacant, Radius will be watching.


Our clients tell us we're "Fire"

We recently moved into a new building and had to do a full check and update our fire extinguishers. Vancouver Fire was able to show up the next business day and had them all done in under an hour, including re-certifying some of the units. The price was unbeatable.

Michel Labelle

Outstanding team they kept me in the loop on everything and when completed gave me a complete run down on what they did. When you want the best call these guys.

Kevin Daly

The team at Radius Fire are professional, friendly and diligent. I never have to worry about my fire safety equipment. They take care of everything! Thank you.

Kim Daigle

Radius Fire Protection has been nothing but professional, efficient, & helpful with our needs at the office. I appreciated the annual reminder and the recommendations given during the visit.

Elle Drozda

I can't believe how competitive, competent and fair this company has been with us! Our business was given a quote for 2/3rd of what other companies were quoting. Even parts were much less! They followed up with me, gave me a quote, and came to do the service call... all in less than a week.

Amanda Thomson

We had Brad come to troubleshoot a fire alarm issue we were having and he was so patient, kind and helpful. We are a childcare center and he was so sensitive to the children and families. He found and fixed the problem! We are so grateful.

Jennifer Brittain

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