Interior & Exterior Code Signage

Our Fire Safety Team will help make sure your interior and exterior building signage is coordinated and installed in time for occupancy.

Interior & Exterior Code Signage


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Continued Commitment

It’s all in the details. Our Fire Safety Team will help make sure your interior building signage is coordinated and installed in time for occupancy. Whether it’s interior building signage to meet code compliancy, wayfinding signage or evacuation wall plaques - we haven’t missed a deadline yet, and it’s our promise to you to continue that commitment. If you want a simple, reliable solution for ALL of your fire protection needs? There's only one place to go. Don’t delay. Contact Radius today!

Interior Building Sign Packages

All your interior building signage to get you code compliant in one place. Our sign fabrication team will coordinate and produce your building code signage, wayfinding signage or any other signage required for occupancy. We offer standard packages that are cost effective, quick, and compliant to code and city requirements. Plan your signage package today with our dedicated team.

Close Collaborators

Three decades of collaboration with local fire departments/AHJ means our dedicated planners have an in-depth knowledge of the current codes and requirements within your local jurisdiction. We leverage our relationships and reputation to work with local authorities for approval. We make sure you meet your occupancy dates – and we haven’t missed one yet!

Details Matter

Our signage team will work with your designer’s specifications to create something beautiful as well as code compliant. Whether it be braille signage, suite numbers, wayfinding signage or any other interior signage requirements, Radius Fire can work with you to build your full signage package and get you ready for occupancy.


Our clients tell us we're "Fire"

We recently moved into a new building and had to do a full check and update our fire extinguishers. Vancouver Fire was able to show up the next business day and had them all done in under an hour, including re-certifying some of the units. The price was unbeatable.

Michel Labelle

Outstanding team they kept me in the loop on everything and when completed gave me a complete run down on what they did. When you want the best call these guys.

Kevin Daly

The team at Radius Fire are professional, friendly and diligent. I never have to worry about my fire safety equipment. They take care of everything! Thank you.

Kim Daigle

Radius Fire Protection has been nothing but professional, efficient, & helpful with our needs at the office. I appreciated the annual reminder and the recommendations given during the visit.

Elle Drozda

I can't believe how competitive, competent and fair this company has been with us! Our business was given a quote for 2/3rd of what other companies were quoting. Even parts were much less! They followed up with me, gave me a quote, and came to do the service call... all in less than a week.

Amanda Thomson

We had Brad come to troubleshoot a fire alarm issue we were having and he was so patient, kind and helpful. We are a childcare center and he was so sensitive to the children and families. He found and fixed the problem! We are so grateful.

Jennifer Brittain

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