A Step-by-Step Fire Hose Reel Inspection

December 15, 2023

In today’s blog article, we would like to offer a brief step-by-step guide to fire hose reel inspections. Inspections of fire protection equipment is an essential part of any fire safety plan. Larger business or manufacturing sites will have one or more fire hose reels that require regular inspection. The frequency required of these inspections depends on your local bylaws, building codes, jurisdiction, and head office mandates.


The first part of any inspection of equipment is careful record-keeping. It is always important to know when something was inspected, who inspected it, what tests were conducted, and how the equipment fared during testing. The records are as important as the testing itself.

Unroll the Hose

The first step is to unroll or unfurl the reel and extend the hose to its full length. The hose should be inspected along its length for integrity.

Water Test

Hose reels need water testing at pressure above what would normally be needed. This is to be sure there are no leaks, no restrictions in water flow, and pressure is maintained in the hose.

Fittings and Valves

All fittings and valves the length of the hose, on each end, and wherever water is flowing from need inspection. Test everything to be sure it is in good working order. A visual inspection is followed by practical testing.


Testing and records are all part of overall compliance with local law. The inspection is intended to improve safety for everyone should the fire hose reel ever need to be used in an emergency. We are experts on fire safety. If you need guidance on fire hose reel inspections, please contact us in Vancouver at (604) 232-3473.

Radius Fire is Vancouver’s largest and best-known fire protection, fire safety, and security monitoring company serving all areas from Whistler to Hope, BC. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about fire safety, please call us at (604) 232-3473 or use the convenient form on our contact page.

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