Do You Need a Fire Safety Inspection in a Computer Server Facility?

October 29, 2022

To answer the question in the title of this blog article, we would say an emphatic “yes.” You absolutely need not just a fire safety inspection in a computer server facility but also a fire prevention strategy which requires a regular inspection.

Server Environment

The server environment is critical in a business. The servers may contain data bases, fire walls for data, and house all the important information for the function and operation of the business. The server facility needs a careful strategy to protect the machines and the data.

Part of this strategy should include safeguarding backup files offsite in a remote building so that computers can be rebuilt in the event of fire.

Similarly, the rooms containing servers should have as little paper and other flammable materials as possible, and should also be temperature controlled to keep data at in an ideal environment.

There should be drills for employees so they know exactly what to do in the event of a fire, and fire extinguishers should be readily accessible.


Once all of the above is in place: a strategy, training, and safety equipment, then the server rooms should be inspected regularly to ensure that all the employees respect and follow the strategy. Fire damage is very serious in a business, and can be devastating for computer files. In addition, water used to put out fires can cause as much or more damage as the fire itself.

If you need some help with preparing a fire safety plan for your computer business or server rooms, call the experts at Van Fire in Richmond, BC, to help you at (604) 706-0306. This is our business and our area of expertise. You absolutely need a fire prevention strategy and inspection of your fire precautions on a regular basis.

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