National Fire and Safety Planners: Fire Safety Plans

May 19, 2023

Fire Safety Plans - The Basics:

A Fire Safety Plan is an important document that guides occupants on how to prevent and respond to fire-related emergencies. When used effectively, a Fire Safety Plan can help to lower the chances of such an incident, and the impact of one, should it occur. These plans are crucial when it comes to reducing the risk of injury to a building’s employees, customers, and residents.

What's in a Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan is made up of information specific to a particular building. It contains a description of the fire & emergency systems/devices in the building, and notes their locations using text and illustrations. A Fire Safety Plan also contains information on emergency procedures for Fire Safety Personnel who look after the building. The plan also has fire drill information, hazardous processes and storage requirements, and construction-related notes. Finally, a Fire Safety Plan also contains a list of all applicable fire codes that pertain to the inspection, testing and maintenance of the fire protection equipment within a particular building.

Do I need one?

A Fire Safety Plan is required for an occupancy permit for all new buildings, and for Fire Department orders for existing buildings. According to the 2018 BC Fire Code, and the current Vancouver Fire By-law, the following buildings require a Fire Safety Plan:

  • Every building containing an assembly, care or detention occupancy.
  • Every building that has a fire alarm system.
  • Demolition and construction sites regulated under Section 5.6 of the BC Fire Code &/or Vancouver Fire By-Law.
  • Indoor and outdoor storage areas are required to have a fire safety plan in conformance with BC Fire Code/Vancouver Fire By-law & (eg. warehouse storage racking, pallet storage, etc.).
  • Storage areas where flammable liquids or combustible liquids are stored or handled, in conformance with BC Fire Code/Vancouver Fire By-Law (eg. propane tank storage, paint storage, etc.).
  • Areas where hazardous processes or operations occur, in conformance with BC Fire Code/Vancouver Fire By-Law (eg. welding areas, wood working, labs, etc).
  • If requested by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Wall Plaque Signs.jpg

Wall Plaque Signs and Building Schematics:

A wall plaque sign is an annotated map that provides information to a buildings occupants about how to evacuate in the event of an emergency. According to the Fire Code, a building requires an Evacuation Wall Plaque Sign posted on each floor area within a building. Furthermore, some buildings require additional signage:

  • A Hotel In-Suite Evacuation Wall Plaque Sign is required on the back of each hotel or motel suite door.
  • Some jurisdictions also require In-Suite Evacuation Wall Plaque Signs in care homes, senior complexes and hospitals.
  • A Building Schematic is required by some jurisdictions, and it is to be posted adjacent to the fire alarm panel in the main entrance lobby. This sign is mainly for the Fire Department. It gives an overall view of the main floor/site plan and shows how to access the building.

If you need a Fire Safety Plan for your building, you can trust National Fire and Safety Planners to provide you with professional and compliant service. We have the expertise and experience to create customized Fire Safety Plans that meet the requirements of your local jurisdiction and Fire Code. We are also able to provide wall plaque signs and building schematics to help you and your occupants stay safe and informed in the event of an emergency.

For more information, please call us at (604) 232-3473


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