National Fire and Safety Planners: Fire Safety Training

June 27, 2023

Meet Collin Snyder:

Colin Snyder has been a professional firefighter for 30 years and has been training with Vanfire/National Fire & Safety Planners for 22 years. In addition to being an NFPA certified fire service instructor and fire officer, Colin is also a faculty member with the Justice Institute of BC. He provides several services to keep building occupants prepared in the event of an emergency:

1: Fire Extinguisher Training

Discover how to use different fire extinguishers and practice with them in a fun and interactive way. Each participant receives hands-on experience in operating a fire extinguisher (water-based and/or CO2 extinguishers). Fire extinguishers are only effective if they are used correctly, so regular training and practice are crucial!
Note: We do not do live fires for this training.

2: Fire Safety and Evacuation Training (Fire Warden Training)

The purpose of this training is to ensure that the people in your building know what to do during a fire emergency. Emergency action plans, fire prevention plans and fire extinguishing equipment are also outlined in this training session. Our experienced trainer will explain the content by giving context from real-life scenarios. By following proper guidelines, building owners and occupants can ensure that everyone is prepared in the event of a fire.

3: Earthquake Preparedness Training

Earthquake preparedness training can help individuals and communities stay safe and resilient in the event of an earthquake. Learn how to prepare and respond to an earthquake and how to create an earthquake safe working environment/plan. Our trainer will give you the tools to make informed decisions in an emergency. You will also learn about emergency supply stocks, what to expect from emergency services, risks & hazards, and more.

4: Fire Drill Training

Our trainer will conduct a fire drill to evaluate the performance of key personnel and occupants. He will put the building into alarm and then evaluate your entire fire evacuation process. Afterwards, our trainer will provide immediate feedback, along with a written report that critiques how the fire drill was conducted.

Note: For Fire Drill Training, our trainer will NOT provide training on how to evacuate the building, as this is only a critique/evaluation session. If training is required, please refer to (2) Fire Safety and Evacuation Training above.

Staying prepared for an emergency is a constant effort, and revisiting courses to brush up on your knowledge and skills is never a bad idea. Training is not a one-time event, but an ongoing effort to keep your employees as prepared and safe as possible. Conducting drills, evaluating your performance, and implementing improvements regularly keeps your fire safety strategy effective and up to date!

If you have any questions or would like expert advice, please call us at (604) 232-3473


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