The Importance of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Compliance For Your Business

October 15, 2017

If you own a business, you already know how much you have to worry about: employee relations, inventory, accounting, and customer service, not to mention your bottom line. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a fire disaster. Not only can a fire disaster in your business decimate inventory and create financial loss along with a headache of insurance paperwork, but the safety of your customers and employees can be compromised. NFPA compliance exists so that you can avoid such headaches before a fire.

Safety First!

Rather than wait until a disaster occurs in your building, be prepared by already being in compliance with NFPA standards. NFPA is an international non-profit organization that develops and publishes fire protection codes and standards to which businesses are held. Its intention is always to minimize any risk of fire in a building, and safety has been this organization’s concern since 1896. NFPA develops and publishes more than 300 consensus codes and standards meant to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in the developed world today is affected by NFPA documents.

Hire a Professional

Fire protection regulations are a complex and ever-changing set of rules and they can differ from facility to facility. Regular reviews often lead to changes in the NFPA codes and standards as well, making it well worth hiring highly trained technicians like those at Vancouver Fire, B.C.’s oldest, largest, and most relied upon fire protection service company. Vancouver Fire is committed to helping your business become compliant with not only B.C. fire code and Vancouver by-laws, but with all current, up to date NFPA standards. Take the stress out of fire safety compliance by hiring a trained professional.

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