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March 4, 2024
In the dynamic field of fire protection, ensuring the highest level of expertise and service is paramount. One key indicator of a technician's proficiency is their certification from the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). Radius Fire Protection stands out as the sole fire protection company in British Columbia authorized by ASTTBC to train and certify Fire Technicians, a distinction that significantly impacts the quality of service and expertise customers receive.

What is ASTTBC Certification?

The ASTTBC is a governing body that grants registration to Registered Fire Protection Technicians (RFPT) who meet stringent standards outlined by the Professional Governance Act and ASTTBC Bylaws. This certification process involves a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant's education, training, work experience, and successful completion of a professional practice and ethics examination. The meticulous nature of this process ensures that ASTTBC RFPT registrants adhere to the highest standards, prioritizing public safety and environmental protection.

Radius Fire Protection's Exclusive Training Program

Radius Fire Protection's unique distinction lies in being the only fire protection company in BC authorized by ASTTBC to conduct training for Fire Technicians. This means that the 50+technicians at Radius undergo a rigorous and ASTTBC-approved training program, setting them apart as some of the industry's best-trained and most knowledgeable professionals.

Director of Fire, Dave Esau (middle), and Mike Baxter (right-most), President of The Radius Group, present ASTT-BC Certification to participants who have completed our in-house training course, the “Fundamental Six” (Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Emergency Lights, Extinguishers, Electronics, & ASTTBC code of ethics).

Impact on Service and Expertise

The ASTTBC certification process ensures that RFPTs, including those trained by Radius Fire Protection, possess the skills and knowledge required to perform critical fire protection and life safety services. These services include the inspection and testing of various systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, and more.

With 23jurisdictions in BC requiring an RFPT for fire and life safety system inspections, ASTTBC certification becomes a legal prerequisite for individuals in the field. Radius Fire Technicians, as ASTTBC-certified professionals, are equipped to meet these regulatory standards, assuring customers that their fire protection needs are in capable hands.

The Ten Endorsement Categories

ASTTBC offers ten endorsement categories that Fire Protection Technicians can apply for, covering a range of specialized areas:

  • Portable fire extinguishers (EX)
  • Unit emergency lighting systems (EM)
  • Fire alarms systems (AL)
  • Water-based fire protection systems (sprinkler systems) (WA)
  • Commercial kitchen exhaust systems (includes cleaning) (CO)
  • Special suppression systems pre-engineered (SP-P)
  • Special suppression systems custom-engineered (SP-C)
  • Stationary fire pumps (FP)
  • Smoke control systems (SM)
  • Generators systems (GS)

While we currently only offer the following endorsement categories: Portable First Extinguishers, Unit Emergency Lighting Systems, Fire Alarms Systems, Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, we hope to expand our courses to encapsulate the other endorsements in the future. This diversification allows technicians to specialize in specific aspects of fire protection, contributing to a more comprehensive and tailored service for customers.

The Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

ASTTBC registration is not a one-time achievement. Technicians must renew their registration annually, demonstrating a commitment to staying current with industry standards and practices. This dedication to excellence further solidifies the confidence customers can have in the service provided by ASTTBC-certified Fire Technicians at Radius Fire Protection.

The ASTTBC certification is a mark of distinction for Fire Technicians, and Radius Fire Protection's exclusive authorization by ASTTBC for training sets its technicians apart as industry leaders. Customers can trust that technicians at Radius are among the best-trained and most knowledgeable in the field, ensuring the highest level of service and expertise in fire protection. When it comes to safeguarding lives and property, ASTTBC-certified professionals at Radius Fire Protection are at the forefront, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Radius Fire is Vancouver’s largest and best-known fire protection, fire safety, and security monitoring company serving all areas from Whistler to Hope, BC. Ensure the safety of your property with the best in the industry – reach out and get a free quote via our contact page.

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