Why Monthly Fire Inspections are Important

January 27, 2015

A monthly fire inspection is a valuable tool for keeping you and your home or business safe. You may think that you are well-protected from the risk of fire, but the truth is there may be problems with your fire safety system that you have not noticed or realized. Even people with functioning fire alarms and properly maintained fire extinguishers should still schedule monthly fire inspections. These inspections often uncover problems large and small that businesses and property owners may have overlooked otherwise. In this way, monthly fire inspections can help prevent property damage and bodily harm.

What’s Involved

Monthly fire inspections make note of the general state of your property and how it relates to fire safety. Hazards like overgrown vegetation, obstructed fire exits, and malfunctioning safety equipment are noted and dealt with after each inspection. This means that firefighting personnel won’t show up to the scene of a fire on your property only to find that their mitigation efforts are hampered.

Monthly fire inspections also ensure that your business is up to code. Maintaining adherence to the fire code reduces your liability and helps ensure safety for anyone and everyone who uses your facility.

If you have fire safety equipment on your property, including alarms, lights, fire hydrants and suppression systems, you may feel safe — but your safety equipment is only a lifesaver if it is functioning and inspected regularly. Monthly fire inspections keep this equipment up and running, so it will be there and work properly when you need it.

If you take fire safety seriously, you’ll understand the need for monthly fire inspections for your Vancouver home or business. They do not take much time, they don’t cost a lot, and they provide a priceless service — the ability to know that you have done your best to keep your property and those who use it safe from fire.

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