10 Things to Keep in Your Fire Safe Box

August 22, 2015

When choosing items to store in a fire safe box think in terms of what will be the most beneficial items to have immediately after a death, home fire or other emergency. It's not a good idea to store original copies of documents that you require immediate access to in a safe deposit box. Bank safe deposit boxes are only accessible during branch operating hours and the boxes are typically sealed when the bank receives a death notice. Based on that, important things to keep in a fire safe box within your home include:

  1. Property insurance policies and agent contact information. This information is needed right away if your house suffers damage.
  2. Passports, social security cards and original birth certificates.
  3. A list of family doctors, prescription medications, and contact information for all pharmacies you use.
  4. CDs or an external hard drive containing digital copies of all family photos.
  5. Important papers related to investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, and associated contact information. You may also want to keep some cash on hand for ready access in an emergency.
  6. Information on your outstanding debts, due dates, and contact information. It's important to keep tabs on your finances and protect your credit, in the event you're displaced by a fire.
  7. Copies of your important legal documents, including powers of attorney, living wills, and health care proxies -- both for yourself and for anyone else for whom you are designated attorney-in-fact or health care surrogate.
  8. Copy of wills and all wills in which you are designated the executor. It's important to have access to these as safe deposit boxes are typically sealed upon notification of the box owner's death.
  9. Jewelry, coins, cash, etc. that you may want access to from time to time.
  10. Spare Keys and titles to all vehicles.

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