It’s Time to Review Your Fire Safety Plan

February 23, 2024

If you do not already know, fire safety plans as well as fire safety and prevention systems need regular maintenance, testing, and documentation. This is a new year. If you have not reviewed your fire safety plan in a while, then now would be an excellent time to do it. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about what specifically needs to be reviewed in your fire safety plan.

1.     Do You Have a Fire Safety plan?

Obviously, you cannot review what you do not have. Do you even have a plan? In this blog and context, we are talking about fire safety plans for businesses, and if you operate a business with one or more employees, then you need a plan. However, even residential homes should have a plan. Do you family members know what todo in case of fire?

If you do not have a fire safety plan for your business, you need one. And if you need help designing one, then seek help from professionals like us.

2.     Roles in Case of Emergency

Do the different people in your office or place of business know what they are supposed to do in case of emergency. Usually, one or more persons are fire wardens who are supposed to check that people have exited the building. One or more persons are designated to help anyone who would need assistance. These are just two of many potential roles in a fire safety plan.

3.     Protocols in High rise Buildings

In fire safety plans, there are always special protocols for managing high-rise buildings. Sometimes someone has to contact any building security or management. Someone has to manage elevators. Someone has to know where fire extinguishers are and know how to handle them. These are just a few examples of special high-rise protocols that need to be understood and rehearsed.

We are experts on fire safety and emergency systems. If you need guidance on fire-related plans, equipment testing, and inspections, please contact us in Vancouver at(604) 232-3473.


Vanfire is Vancouver’s largest and best-known fire protection, fire safety, and security monitoring company serving all areas from Whistler to Hope, BC. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about fire safety, please call us at (604) 232-3473 or use the convenient form on our Contact page.

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