National Fire and Safety Planners: A Closer Look

May 9, 2023

What Do National Fire and Safety Planners Do?

National Fire and Safety Planners (NFSP) is a division of Vancouver Fire and Radius Security, which has been protecting people and properties in British Columbia since 1948. We are the largest and most established company in Western Canada’s fire planning industry.

Since 1991, we’ve been providing leadership and expertise to clients who require fire safety plans, such as general contractors, building owners, property managers and developers.

Over the years, we have produced fire safety plans for all types of buildings, from hospitals and care facilities, to smaller “ma and pop” shops. Our team of Fire Safety Planners is dedicated to ensuring that your fire safety plans are up to code, so that you and your occupants feel safe.

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A properly developed and implemented fire safety plan can reduce the incidence and impact of an emergency.

Our fire safety plans are essentially the most comprehensive and professional plans available, and they are customized for every client. Our goal is to ensure that every fire safety plan meets local fire code requirements with consistency, accuracy, building confidence and familiarity, thereby minimizing the risk of threat to the occupants.

Meet Our National Fire And Safety Planners Team

At National Fire and Safety Planners, our team of professionals has extensive experience in developing and implementing fire safety plans across BC, Alberta and parts of Ontario. Our team is currently comprised of 5 fire safety planners, a sales estimator, and an administrative assistant/coordinator.


Rumesh James - NFSP Manager

Rumesh is a highly experienced fire planning and management professional with 16 years of experience working with National Fire. He has a background in civil engineering and technical skills in fire and building codes, as well as AutoCAD. Additionally, he has completed the Crestcom Leadership program, which has helped him develop valuable leadership and management skills. Rumesh's ability to build strong relationships with clients and fire departments, and maintain positive working relationships has made him an asset to his organization.


Ken Redekopp - NFSP Supervisor/Senior Fire Safety Planner

Ken has 30+ years of experience as a fire safety planner, creating accurate plans for various buildings within strict timelines. He began his career at National Fire and Safety Planners in 1991 and has contributed to the department's success and evolution. Ken holds a Diploma in Building Technology and has completed courses related to fire and building codes, AutoCAD, and house inspection. He has developed great leadership and managing qualities through the Crestcom Leadership program. Clients can rely on Ken's extensive experience, knowledge, and skill set to receive high-quality fire safety plans that comply with relevant codes and regulations.


Lee Javier - Senior Fire Safety Planner

Lee is a skilled and experienced planner with expertise in fire planning and handling complex projects, specifically in high-rise residential and office developments. He has a diverse educational background in computer graphic design and civil structural drafting, allowing him to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of the industry. Lee's impressive skill set makes him a valuable asset to our team.


Courtenay Tickson - Senior Fire Safety Planner

Courtenay has been a valuable member of National Fire since 2017, bringing expertise in computer systems and software to improve internal processes and provide IT support. With a Diploma in Architectural Building Technology from BCIT, his experience with building technology is applied in preparing fire plans for diverse buildings and developments. His problem-solving skills and creative thinking make him highly valued in the team. Courtenay has made significant contributions to the department and is a skilled member of the team.


Arsha Koochakpour - Junior Fire Safety Planner

Arsha is a motivated and dedicated employee with a solid educational background in building technology, complemented by completion of fire code and building code courses. He has already demonstrated exceptional work ethic and customer service skills in his short time with National Fire. As he continues to learn and grow, he will be able to take on more challenging projects and make even greater contributions to the department's success. With his drive and determination, Arsha is a valuable member of the team.


Vickie Petrescu - Department Coordinator

Vickie is a highly skilled and versatile professional with 35 years of customer service experience across various industries, including courier, retail, office supplies, and family businesses. Her expertise in job flow management and fire safety training coordination is essential for the smooth operation of the department. Her interpersonal skills are valuable in maintaining positive relationships with clients. Vickie's diverse background and wealth of knowledge make her a valuable asset to the NFSP team.

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