Testing Emergency Lighting Systems

December 12, 2023

Emergency systems often include emergency lighting systems. This is true not just in large business offices or manufacturing facilities but also places like hospitals. These emergency lighting systems may serve several purposes including lighting paths toward an exit, lighting the way to emergency equipment, and also providing light for certain critical tasks—like surgery.


Emergency lighting systems have to be regularly tested just like any other part of an emergency system. The reason for this is that one has to be absolutely sure that the lighting will work as it is designed to work when suddenly needed in an emergency.

How Often?

So, how often do emergency lighting systems have to be tested? At least once a month in Canada following both provincial and federal guidelines.


In addition to testing emergency lighting systems and other parts to any emergency system, what else is required? Businesses have to document their testing. Documentation is always required of any emergency testing of equipment. Notes should include when the equipment was tested, who was present for the testing, exactly what was tested, what the results were, and what, if anything, needs to be repaired.

Also, if any equipment is not working properly, then notes should include what necessary repairs or changes to protocol will be implemented, and then that has to be documented as well. Because this type of testing is so important, often outside experts are brought in to design, inspect, and test all kinds of emergency systems, experts like us, Radius Fire in Vancouver.

We are experts on fire safety and emergency systems. If you need guidance on equipment testing and inspections, please contact us in Vancouver at (604) 232-3473.

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