Three Reasons Why You Need a Full Fire Inspection Following a Renovation

January 26, 2024

A full, building, fire inspection is always required following a renovation. There are several reasons for this, and in today’s blog article, we will list for you three of the most important.

Full Fire Inspection

Before we get to why this full fire inspection is needed, let’s review briefly exactly what a full fire inspection is. A full fire inspection examines all the relevant equipment, tests it, keeps records of the inspection, checks that you are in compliance with applicable BC fire laws and standards, looks at potential hazards, how these will be mitigated, checks the fire training of building personal, practices egress, and tests exit doors and emergency lighting.

Further, the fire test should locate and test fire detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors if there are any. Then fire separation strategies are looked at within the building design. Next, there is inspection and testing of any automatic sprinkler systems, including valves and sprinkler heads, stand pipes, hose systems, and location of fire extinguishers, as well as their expiration dates.

And last documents need to be updated, any deficiencies noted, and there will need to be a strategy to implement any changes.

The reason why this full fire inspection is required after renovation is change. After a renovation, equipment such as hoses or standpipes may be relocated. Since there is a change in the building’s design, fire extinguishers may have new locations. So much equipment may be relocated, that it is critical to test every single thing to be sure that nothing was lost or forgotten during the change over.

The next reason is that with all these changes in equipment location or perhaps the type of equipment may have been changed, it is important that the building staff know where everything is and how to operate it. There may be new protocols in place that have to be articulated and circulated to staff.

The last and most important reason why this full fire inspection is required is that the building owner needs to be sure that employees, for example, know how to get out in case of actual fire. If egress doors have changed locations, then staff could be confused about where they are supposed to go in an emergency. Only with practice will employees know where to go or congregate in case of fire.

The whole purpose of a full fire inspection is for safety. The inspection serves to reduce risk. After a major renovation, a full fire inspection is always required to address all the changes in floorplan and equipment as it relates to safety.

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